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The CMAinLA Meeting Directory

The Los Angeles District of CMA now displays 70 meetings for the current week day, all types, all locations and sorted by time. “In-Person” is BACK.

Is your meetings information correct on the CMA World Website? Are you registered as the contact person for your meeting? Meeting Secretaries should check “the type of meeting” and “accessibility” settings. Meetings, please let the meeting’s attendees know where you are and if there are changes and/or updates.All updates on our LA District website should be made HERE.
All updates to the world meeting directory should be made HERE.You can use the QR Code to link your smartphone to the meeting list.


We Are Self Supporting Through Contributions

Each CMA meeting and/or group is self supporting through contributions.
Does your meeting have 7th Tradition in excess of its prudent reserve?

Both Individual Members and group/meeting(s) can contribute financially to the Los Angeles District, the California Area Assembly and CMA World.

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HelpLine is seeking volunteers to answer HelpLine calls.
Spanish speaking Hotline volunteers are needed.
Time Requirement: 1 year minimum or 6 months with sponsor approval.

CMA LA District Helpline Training is open to new people interested in starting on the helpline, to people that already answer the phones but want additional training, and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about the helpline, or may be interested in answering calls at a later time.  Contacts:  Russell S. Roger D.


Hospitals and Institutions currently has 19 active panels. All CMA H&I panels are currently on hold.
We are working to offer panels via ZOOM platform to Treatment Centers. Please check back weekly for more information.  H&I Annual Pool Party fundraising event will be postponed until further notice.   Are you a recovering Crystal Meth addict (with at least 6 months of clean time and a working knowledge of the 12 Steps) and willing to sponsor or temporarily sponsor someone in treatment? LA District of CMA H&I is putting together a list of people who are willing to help. We would like to pass this list onto treatment facilities in the Greater Los Angeles area. You don’t have to be a resident of LA to participate.  Please send an email to the H&I link with your clean date, phone #, and email address. Thank you.  Contact: Jeremy P.

  • The Los Angeles Hospitals and Institutions committee takes panels to places, such as jails, rehabs, detoxes and psych-wards, where people cannot get out to a CMA meeting. Your generous donations go to provide literature and chips to the patients and inmates of these facilities.
  • H&I is an excellent opportunity to be of service. The H&I Committee meets monthly at 11:30am on the 2nd Saturday of each month following the GSR meeting. This is where you can sign up to speak on panels or become a panel leader. Orientation is at the end of meeting if any needs to be made.
  • You can also go online at and select the H&I link. H&I needs your support and we invite you to attend our monthly meeting and be a part of the committee.
  • We need your support and invite you to attend our monthly GSR meeting to help rebuild the H&I Committee. There are many service commitments that need to be filled to re-establish the H&I Committee. H&I saves lives. Please join the committee to ensure CMA H&I can continue to support crystal meth addicts in hospitals and institutions.
  • Also seeking panel leaders and fellows with 5 or more years of sobriety to go get clearance to be able to speak in jails.
  • CLICK HERE to learn more and add yourself to the prospective list of panel speakers.

CMA App Project

Information and donations are: HERE


Download CMA Conference approved Literature

How does a meeting operate?  CMA meetings are autonomous. CMA does not govern or set commitment terms and responsibilities. But, CMA GSO has given some suggestions for what meeting commitments are.

At the monthly GSR meeting we have anniversary chips to 25 years, bronze medallions to 15 years, and new plastic recovery chips that commemorate each month of sobriety!  Ask your CMA Meeting’s GSR to get these for your meeting. Gold plated Medallions are now available at the online CMA Recovery Store.

CMA has launched the Literature On-Demand portal, which currently carries CMA pamphlets.  Pamphlets are printed in various paper colors, folded then sent to you. Please check out the Online Print Store.